Sunday, 15 March 2009

Brean UFO bubble bursts

A newspaper in Somerset has published an amusing update on the UFO that turned out to be a solar balloon. Aimee Burns, 22, who is studying forensic and crime scence science at Bournemouth University, believes she may have been responsible for triggering off the latest media UFO frenzy. Aimee and her sister were trying to fly a 30ft balloon bought from an Oxfam shop in Bristol when it was caught by a gust of wind and quickly rose high into the sky. Later that day, last July, an "elongated object" was spotted over a campsite and short film appeared on YouTube. Soon the story was re-published in the national press as yet another UFO mystery. Aimee's comment says it all: 
"I was shocked at how quickly a media circus was created from a balloon that you can buy off the internet...It was blown out of all proportion. I do understand it was an unidentified flying object, but how anyone can believe it was from outer space is ridiculous." 
Of course, we can't prove the UFO was Aimee's solar balloon, but as her mum Cristina added: 
"If it wasn't then it is a massive coincidence."

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