Monday, 21 September 2009

The UFO Files

My new book The UFO Files: The Inside Story of Real Life Sightings has been published by The National Archives.
Copies can be ordered directly from TNA bookshop or from Amazon. A sample section from Chapter 2 can be downloaded free of charge from the TNA website UFO page.
The book was the subject of leading news stories published by The Sunday Times and The Sunday Telegraph on 20 September 2009.
These concentrated upon the contents of the Defence Intelligence Staff documents from the '90s that are featured in the final chapter of the book.
Peter Rogerson, in his review for The Magonia Blog, says "every UFOlogist should have this book."
Another review by Kevin Goodman of UFO Warminster, has been published on Nick Redfern's UFO Mystic website. He says: "If I had to recommend one book this year, then this would be the one."

My cover blurb summarises the content as follows:

'What does all this stuff about flying saucers amount to? What can it mean? What is the truth?' Winston Churchill, 28 July 1952.

THE UFO FILES tells the story of over 100 years of UFO sightings, drawing on formerly secret government records at the National Archives. Alongside extraordinary reports by ordinary people it reveals details of official interest and investigations stretching back to before the First World War for although the terms UFO and Flying Saucer were not coined until the middle of the twentieth century, people have long seen things in the sky that they could not explain.

In this remarkable book David Clarke reveals an array of startling stories from possible UFO reports hidden among Met Office investigations of aerial phenomena in the 1920s to the conclusions of Project Condign, the hush-hush British Intelligence UFO study completed in 2000. As well as covering Roswell and Britain's own Rendlesham Forest mystery, Clarke raids the records for dramatic stories of abductions and close encounters, ghost aircraft and crop circles, and UFO reports by civilian aircrew and military personnel.

Dramatic witness statements and interviews many undertaken by the author himself combine with rarely seen photographs, drawings and newly available documents to offer a unique guide to one of our most intriguing mysteries.

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  1. Just started reading my copy. It is really good to see some balanced, up to date comment on the subject.