Sunday, 31 January 2010

Northern Lights

Missiles and rockets launched by the Russians have been source for a long list of UFO flaps in northern Europe during the past 50 years. During the Cold War UFOs provided a useful cover for military activities which the Soviets wished to conceal from the West. So it was no surprise when on 9 December last year thousands of Norwegians were treated to a spectacular spiral of light in the pre-dawn sky, the Russian defence ministry initially claimed it was nothing to do with them. The two minute light-show was visible for hundreds of miles across northern Norway and footage captured by witnesses was quickly posted across the world. Sky-watchers described seeing a bright blue tail tapering to earth which exploded into a giant white Catherine wheel of spinning light. From the images and the duration, it was clear this was not a fireball meteor or a display of the Northern Lights and inevitably speculation turned to UFOs and “portals to another world.” But 24 hours later Russian defence officials confirmed the plume of light was caused by a Bulava missile test-fired from a nuclear submarine in the White Sea. Defence analyst Pavel Flegenhauer said the images were consistent with an embarrassing failure, something the Russians were keen to conceal. He added: “At least this failed test made some nice fireworks for the Norwegians.”

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